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Content sites serves you for almost 2 years!

* More then 100 registered users!
* ~450 uploaded maps!
* ~130 uploaded units!
* Replay uploading is actively used!
* There also have been done some fixes and improvements!
* Map API for OpenRA Auto-Map-Downloading works without problems for more then half a year by now!

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October Update

2012-10-30 09:18:300 Comments

It's been so quiet since May, but actually I did a bit of work.
So, this is what we have:
* improved control of your map versions;
* fixes in PMs;* fixes in members control;
* fixes in feed;
* some UI fixes/improvements;
* Dune 2000 (d2k) support;
* Map API fixes;
* List View fixes;
* filter map by amount of spawns(players);
* UI block to show amount of online players in-game (ra, cnc and d2k);
* fullPreview generator fixes (for RA mod);
* Map's hash is shown ...

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May Update

2012-05-25 15:46:231 Comments

Latest feature added for maps is the ability to view the YAML code for it without downloading the map. So if you are curious to the YAML only then lucky you! Another new feature for maps is a full size preview generated on uploading stage! CNC & Dune2000 pallettes is now selectable when you add a new unit to the library. More SQL injection safty added. RSS is now also fixed! And much more.. Yours Holloweye and ihptru.

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April Update

2012-05-03 10:43:430 Comments

Lots of bug fixes were done this month. Site has improved protection against sql-injection. There is also now PMs (Private Messages) that you can send and recive from other members. And a whole lot of more stuff added! Yours Holloweye and ihptru.

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