RA map: Athena posted at 2013-06-29 00:48:42 by wuschel
Athena is huge sea based map that has its focus on naval warfare and naval invasions: a harsh, brutal enviroment in which only those with skill, courage, speed, trickery and strength can survive. Since there are just two islands with ore, it is recommended to capture one of the many oil derricks that are spread over the entire map. However, there are a couple of tricky twists: four nuke silos located in the corners can be captured, multiple nuke silos can be controlled by one player, and four a
Additional info: Final version for testing. NOTE that this map installed at the Xainaro Herztner servers (auto-downloading enabled). In order choose this map in the server menue, you need to download it here and copy it into your RA map folder.
author: Wuschelsize: 256x256tileset: snowtype: KotH
Hash: fc2a92f4e7ddd014f3f1a25062ec16a5f7b823ef
6 players map
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